How to get the Job ID, Run ID & Start Time for a Databricks Job with working code

It’s crucial to monitor task parameter variables such as job_id, run_id, and start_time while running ELT jobs. These system-generated values can be saved or printed for future reference. Please refer below to find the comprehensive list of supported parameters.

This is a simple 2-step process:

  1. Pass the parameter when defining the job/task
  2. Get/Fetch and print the values

Step 1: Pass the parameters

Step 2: Get/Fetch and print the values

job_id: {dbutils.widgets.get('job_id')}
run_id: {dbutils.widgets.get('run_id')}
parent_run_id: {dbutils.widgets.get('parent_run_id')}
task_key: {dbutils.widgets.get('task_key')}

Next step, when you run the job; you should see an output like this

Advanced & quicker method to implement

Add the following boilerplate code on top of the notebook. It will capture whole context information instead, and you can parse whatever information is helpful to you.

The below is code based and attributes are subject to change without notice

import json, pprint

dict_job_run_metadata = json.loads(dbutils.notebook.entry_point.getDbutils().notebook().getContext().toJson())

currentRunId: {dict_job_run_metadata['currentRunId']}
jobGroup: {dict_job_run_metadata['jobGroup']}

# Pretty print the dictionary


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