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Is your company looking to leverage the power of data to drive innovation and growth? Whether you have a one-off project or an ongoing initiative, we are here to help. Our expertise in data engineering, data architecture, and streaming can empower your team to make data-driven decisions with confidence and clarity. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your data and take your business to new heights.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Jitesh for 3+ years at Amazon. He is always curious to learn new technologies and implement them when the situation and use case apply. He is an expert at big data technologies and is always looking for ways to build simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. He has built and scaled pipelines that handle petabytes of data and his solutions have seldom resulted in operational issues post-deployment. I am hopeful we will work again


Sr. Manager, Amazon

Jitesh was a pleasure to work with on our lakehouse build out project. He excelled at understanding our business logic and requirements, clarifying any ambiguities, and then translating them into code. The technical solutions he created were effective, clean, and easily maintainable. Furthermore, he was receptive to feedback and was open to making adjustments to fit his implementations into our standards and practices. Beyond just the tasks he worked directly on, Jitesh was an effective communicator – able to proactively provide helpful advice on other items and answer questions about the many technologies he is knowledgeable on.

In conclusion, I think Jitesh reflects very well on Databricks and I was glad to have the chance to work with him and would definitely do so again in the future.


Chief Information Officer, Audantic

100% agree. Not only a skilled technical resource, but an absolute pleasure to work with. Just we for-warned, any future support we need from you guys, we’ll be asking for him by name!!


Technology Leader, ARC Resources Ltd.

Jitesh has played a crucial part in the success of this project. His enthusiasm, dedication, communication, ownership, and technical abilities are simply mind blowing. I don’t believe that I ever worked with someone for a period as short as 10 days that impressed me as much as Jitesh did. A true star of the show.


Senior Data Engineer, Atlassian

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