I have worked with multiple customers on their data journey. Here are some of the public stories that I have co-authored with them.


To support our data-driven initiatives, we had ‘stitched’ together various services for ETL, orchestration, ML leveraging AWS, Airflow, where we saw some success but quickly turned into an overly complex system that took nearly five times as long to develop compared to the new solution. Our team captured high-level metrics comparing our previous implementation and current lakehouse solution. As you can see from the table below, we spent months developing our previous solution and had to write approximately 3 times as much code.  We were able to achieve a 73% reduction in the time it took our pipeline to run as well as saving 21% on the cost of the run.

Ref: https://www.databricks.com/blog/2022/05/05/how-audantic-uses-databricks-delta-live-tables-to-increase-productivity-for-real-estate-market-segments.html

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