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Hello, I’m Soni

Real Time Streaming Specialist | Data Architect | Data, Automation And Analytics| Tech Writer

I am an end-to-end Full Stack Data Developer who can set up infrastructures, design the architecture, build data pipelines, and productionalize with DevOps. I have spent six years in AWS & Amazon as a Data Architect/Engineer and have a proven record of taking multi-petabyte workloads to production while ensuring minimum operational burden.

I also have hands-on experience in Streaming and Batch Analytics, including real-time applications. Having worked remotely for around 6+ years, I’ve learned to avoid the pitfalls of distributed team communication.

My goal is to democratize knowledge and help remove the barrier of the hype around Big Data. I write on topics such as real-time data streaming, data architecture, salary negotiation, financial literacy, and more.

In my free time, I love to travel so much so that in April 2022, I finished my 12-month-long road trip across Canada. Alright, now click on a few buttons and scroll through the pages to learn more about me and how I can help you. See you on the other side!

What is my expertise?

Spark, Pyspark
Real Time Data Streaming (Delta, Kafka, Kinesis, Event Hub)
SQL, Python
Databricks, Delta Live Tables
Database- Redshift, Snwoflake, Big Query, Oracle & Postgres
Modern Data Stack (Data Build Tool, Dagster & Metabase)
Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment ( Github Actions, Azure DevOps )
Data Vizualization ( Tableau, Power Bi, Metabase )
No-SQL Databases ( Dynamo, Cosmos & Mongo)
Terraform & CDK


Specialist Data Architect | Databricks

  • Work on solving Streaming & scaling challenges with Big Data across customers
  • Author blogs with best practices and solution accelerators
  • Enhanced productivity for Audantic by reducing their line of code by 66% and reduced their development time of Lake House by 86%.
  • Significantly reduced carbon footprint for a customer and co-authored a blog post detailing design and implementation.
  • Work with strategic customers to solve challenging technical problems, provide business value, guide product roadmap, and ensure success on the Databricks platform.
  • Collaborate with teams at large on strategic programs to scale our organization, design & build internal accelerators, and share best practices.
  • Hire and mentor new talent


Data Engineer/ Data Architect| Amazon/ AWS

  • Built real time data processing platform and CI/CD pipelines with ACID properties while ensuring operational excellence
  • Craft and support 50+ datasets by processing multiple TBs of data per day serving 600+ Analysts and Economists
  • Responsible for building GDPR & CCPA compliant data lake
  • Strategize customer cloud adoption journey and leverage the power of the cloud to run big data analytics at scale
  • Interact with customers and identify their pain points across the system and drive projects to remove them
  • Work with customers as a trusted advisor to drive visibility to best practices, access to internal resources, expertise on the very latest features, and accountability for the AWS platform to help them achieve their business goals and objectives
  • Migrated tables with huge volumes (100-350 TB) from Oracle to Redshift, by using massively parallel processing architecture which improved the availability of critical datasets by 96%
  • Interacted with appropriate departments to develop and accomplish a road map to ensure that systems run smoothly in projected peak traffic.


ETL & Reporting Developer | ZS Associates

  • Designed and developed a multi-country (23) data warehouse by transforming domain knowledge acquired from the client into a technical artifact.
  • Solely responsible for data warehouse performance tuning and recognized for quickly diagnosing system issues


Business Intelligence Reporting | Tata Consultancy Services

  • Developed Key Performance Indicators for business reports using SAP Business Objects to drive analytics
  • Awarded with the LIREL honor (Leadership, Integrity, Respect for individual, Excellence, Learning & sharing), the core 5 values of Tata Consultancy Services

Aug 2015- May 2017

Master of Computing Science in Big Data

Simon Fraser University, Canada


Databricks Developer


Azure Fundamentals


AWS Developer


AWS Solutions Architect

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