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Welcome! I am a Super Coach . I have worked at some of the biggest tech companies, including Databricks & Amazon. I make great efforts to use my platform to share resources and show folks the path of growth that exists without taking the management ladder track while inspiring many immigrants and people of colour to understand and realize their true market potential. To further my mission, I help folks negotiate job offers, $2+ Million negotiated so far.

How can you book a session ?

Please have a look at all the free content. Read the blog posts, watch the videos, and read the articles. If you are still interested in working with me, you can book a session with me.



Jitesh is the best mentor you could probably ever come across. He guided me through the interview process, which otherwise would have needed years of practical experience in the industry. The sessions are tailored to the needs and roadmaps.



Jitesh was incredible! His sole goal is to help you improve and he goes above and beyond to achieve that. In addition to his depth and breadth of knowledge, his commitment to the student sets him apart from other coaches. I highly recommend a session with Jitesh.



Great discussion. Helped challenge career prospects and where I should go. Also provided resources and direction for how to grow.



Jitesh has been amazing to work with and provided a lot of insight to the interview process, and has given me tools to succeed in this interview and future ones.



It was great talking to Jitesh and getting some feedback from him



Jitesh was just AWESOME!!! Taking his help was a right thing I did before I start my Interview prep.

1.He shared his insights on how one can better showcase their skills on Resume.

2.Shared his knowledge on how to land Product base Jobs.

3.Tried understanding about my background- Pointed me to right technologies I need to focus on and to what level anyone should understand technology to be a right place.

Sophisticated TRAINER ever. I am glad I could sign up with you Jitesh. Folks here- I highly recommend to work with Jitesh Soni

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