How to get the Job ID and Run ID for a Databricks Job

February 23, 2023

How to get the Job ID and Run ID for a Databricks Job with working code

Sometimes there is a need to store or print system-generated values like job_id, run_id, start_time, etc. These entities are called ‘task parameter variables’. A list of supported parameters is listed here.

This is a simple 2-step process:

  1. Pass the parameter when defining the job/task

  2. Get/Fetch and print the values

Step 1: Pass the parameters

Step 2: Get/Fetch and print the values

  job_id: {dbutils.widgets.get('job_id')}
  run_id: {dbutils.widgets.get('run_id')}
  parent_run_id: {dbutils.widgets.get('parent_run_id')}
  task_key: {dbutils.widgets.get('task_key')}

Next step, when you run the job; you should see an output like this

Advanced & Optional:

In case you do not have a specific attribute in mind but want to capture the whole context information instead.

The below is code based and attributes are subject to change without notice



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